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Digital Marketing

Return Back To Business

As business owners we all need some guidance from time to time, here is my 3-Step Guide To Returning Back To Business after lockdown.

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Digital Marketing

How To Monitor Offline Sales: User Guide

A common problem for the majority of the service industry and high-value sales is that online marketing campaigns promoting their goods and services often result in offline purchases. Purchases can be made either on the phone or in-person, which makes it difficult to track the success and failures of the marketing campaign within analytics.

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How To Use UTM ‘s: User Guide

Why you should be using UTM codes for all of your marketing campaigns.
Discover why UTMs are essential and how learn how to simply use them to monitor your campaign successes and fails in Google Analytics.

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WordPress Website Design

Your Website’s ‘Home’ Page Only Needs These 5 Things

Your home page is the first port of call for your website visitors and potential customers, strategically designed with insight into your target audience.
Having a homepage that makes a great first impression is critical to lowering your bounce rate. The human attention span is in steady decline and at its lowest ever, reducing from twelve seconds in 2000, to approximately seven seconds in 2020.

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