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Google Search Console Your Most Powerful Free SEO Scan

GSC is much more than simply a place where your website is indexed, here you find out what Google actually see’s when its spiders (bots) crawl your website and how it determines where your website sits in the search engine results page (SERP). The information provided by Google Search Console is like gold-dust when it comes to improving your website SEO by ensuring that you are armed with the right data to monitor your sites ranking and any fluctuations, maintain the website at its peak performance so that the Google spiders are happy when crawling your site and most importantly, allows you to quickly discover and troubleshoot any flaws and errors with your site before it starts impacting your SERP.

What information can I get?

Google Search Console is much more than a free SEO scan, it is full of valuable information and you can pull reports on numerous things at a click of a button to help you monitor, maintain and troubleshoot any errors discovered by the Google spiders, such as; 

  • Site visibility and availability
  • Indexing
  • Search Traffic Data
  • Real-Time Alerts
  • Links to your website
  • Troubleshooting
  • and much more which isn’t bad for a free SEO scan

Site visibility and availability

It goes without saying if your website can not be viewed by others – then what’s the point in having a website? Obviously, and that’s where the google search console comes into its own.

So why do some people still prevent Google spiders (bots) from crawling their websites?

A small number of websites may purposely prevent bots from crawling their site to maintain security and secrecy, but the vast majority should open up the gates and let the bots in and explore to start determining the website’s authority and where to display the website within the search pages.

Will you get to Google Page One? Not unless Google Search Console and the bots can explore.

google search console

Google Search Console Indexing

When you start a web search in Google, you are not actually searching the web, you are actually searching the Google index database, the repository where the Spiders have stored all of the information they have gathered from the millions of websites that they have crawled. The spiders nest if you please.

When the spiders crawl your website they are asking hundreds of different questions, what keywords are in use, how often are the keywords used, are they relevant, is the website easy to crawl, are sitemaps submitted and so on. Each of these questions will determine the authority score of your website and help Google determine the site’s relevance when someone asks a question. 

The Google Search Console indexing report gives you the information you need when the spiders discover any indexing problems and allows you to request re-indexing after you have updated and repaired your website.

Your SEO Expert ensures that your website provides the optimum answer to the questions asked by Google's spiders, feeding the right answers to make the spiders happy.  I am a spider feeder! 


Wouldnt it be great if you were somehow able to know what things your customers were searching for when your website was pinged as being relevant for that search topic? 

With Google Search Console you now have access to this powerful information, giving you a clear understanding of the clear relationship between your site and how your customers search for it, understanding how often your website appears in the search rankings and for what search queries, allowing you to re-optimise your websites keywords and further improve your websites SERP and click through rates.

Real-Time Alerts

There’s nothing worse than getting a nasty surprise to find that your website authority has dropped and your search engine rankings have dropped faster than a lead balloon. One day you’re on page one, and then the next time you look…. well who cares. If you are not on page one then it doesn’t really matter where you are – the outcomes are the same – no traffic!

With Google Search Console you can set up real-time alerts so that you are always in the know, as soon as the Google spiders detect an issue with your indexing, spam quality or other issues affecting your website ranking, then ‘ping’ you get a notification. 

Links to your website

Google spiders love to move around the web, and there’s no better way to swing from web to web than through links, gobbling up all the quality information as they go whilst giving you a free SEO scan, listing a plethora of information on google search console.

Backlinks to your website are fantastic for your website SEO – provided there’s quality at either end. With Google Search Console you can see which sites are pointing a link back to you and you can determine the quality of that link, severing any spammy links which have little or nutritional value.

If you fall for one of those emails which you get promising you an instant ‘Get ranked on Google Page One’ then you will find that your hard-earned cash is spent on nothing but spam links which the spiders will quickly determine as bad.


With the whole world now glued to their mobiles, you can keep one step ahead of the game by ensuring that your website is built perfectly for AMP, mobile and other search features which help your mobile customers experience when visiting your website. 

Use the Google Search Console to troubleshoot any flaws your site has with mobility issues and get yourself a basic free SEO scan. If you would like a further more comprehensive review of your sites SEO then click the link below.  

Free Website Deep Dive

Let me crawl your website and receive a full comprehensive free SEO scan and a report on how you can optimise the site to keep the Google Spider happy 🙂

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