How to Setup a Facebook Business Page

Showcase your products and services, spotlight your brand and reach more customers by connecting your Facebook business page to the worldwide community of people on Facebook.

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Photo by Glen Carrie on Unsplash
<b>Joss Barnes</b>

Joss Barnes

Entrepreneur and Digital Marketer

Now that lockdown 2.0 is here, a lot of small businesses are turning to social media to keep business afloat. If this is your first venture doing business on Facebook, then let’s get started with setting you up a Facebook Business Page.

If you are looking at selling goods or services, Facebook should be your first stop in the complex digital marketing world. It is free to use and is relatively simple to market your interests direct to any of the 3 billion users around the globe.

Not looking at selling outside of your local area? No problem – Facebook is also an excellent tool for local advertising.

Facebook Business Page Name and Description

Your Facebook business page should ideally be named the same as your business.
However, if for some reason you find that your business name has already been taken, name it after something that people use to search for your business.

Use the “About” section to describe to people your business goals.

TOP-TIP: Already have a website and other social profiles? Make sure the names, images, branding and description all marry up and flow as one. Follow #TwistedSpire for more top-tips.

Profile and Cover Photo

Choose your images carefully as this will be the first thing potential customers will see.

Most businesses choose to use their logo as a profile picture and a picture of their office, shop, products or their current marketing campaign – something that tells the customer “this is who we are and what we do”.

Your profile photo needs to be 170 x 170 pixels, and the cover photos need to be 820 x 462 pixels.

Twisted Spire Logo

Get Started in 5 Simple Steps

Step One – Log into Facebook using your profile and from the main menu, select “Create Page” and select the business or brand tab.

Step Two – Name your Facebook business page and select from the list the business category or market sector, which represents the business. There’s a lot to choose from, so try to find the one that’s most relevant to your products or services offered.

Step Three – Enter the address where the business is registered or operates from and a
telephone number (optional) if you want customers to call you.

Step Four – If you want to keep your address anonymous, make sure you click in the check box.

Step Five – Before you click ‘Next’, make sure that you read and comply with the Facebook
policies, otherwise your page may have a limited audience or be shut down

Images and Branding

Upload your chosen images, keeping the photos to the required sizes and ensuring that they are of good quality and not blurry. 

Remember to maintain your image and branding across all of your over social channels and website.

TOP-TIP: Use Canva.Com for creating FREE great looking and editable images templates. Follow #TwistedSpire for more top tips. #DesChes

Up and Running

Now you have your Facebook business page up and running; there are a few more things to do before you start sharing and telling people about the page.

In the page settings go to Page Info and fill in the required details;

  1. Connect your website,
  2. business email,
  3. add your business to the map,
  4. update your opening times and,
  5. any other optional information requests your customers may like to see.
  6. Provide a summary of your business, so people know what your business is about, keeping it to only a few sentences. Ensure that it flows from your other social channels and website to maintain consistency. Viewers will quickly get bored and move elsewhere if they have to trawl through a load of information.  
  7. Add a Call-To-Action (CTA) button so that viewers are encouraged to take the desired action, this could be to send you a direct message, email or call. It could even take your viewers directly to your website or online shop. On the Twisted Spire business page, the CTA button allows you to book in an appointment or call with us. Try it.

Providing this information makes your business seem more legit and professional, building trust with your customer.

TOP-TIP: Update your website and incorporate the Facebook Pixel and update your Google Business Page. Follow #TwistedSpire for more top tips. #DesChes

Setup and Customise Your Facebook Business Page

To set up your page functionality, security and permissions settings, work through the General Settings options.

Facebook will offer you several templates which you can choose from, which will style your page layout, default buttons and page tabs.

Some of the templates you can choose from including ‘Services’, ‘Shopping’, ‘Venues’ and ‘Business’.

You can customise your tabs too, to be most relevant to your business. For example, at Twisted Spire, we might want to prioritise tabs like ‘About’, ‘Services’, and ‘Posts’, moving these tabs towards the top of the list. Whereas, a clothing store in
Manchester may opt for ‘Offers’, ‘Events’ and ‘Photos’ to promote their wares more to their online customers.

Get ready to post

Almost there! Before we wrap it up, it is time to add your team members and delegate responsibility. If it is only you then great, keep yourself as sole administrator.

However, if there is a team of people responsible for posting on your businesses behalf you can set different permission levels;



It’s time to get posting and embrace social media – done correctly it can boost your sales and customer engagement fantastically – so where do you start? Why not start with a simple hello, a picture of your team and a welcoming message for your new customers and offer a special promotion to celebrate entering the world of Facebook.  

There are so many different options that enable you to share different kinds of posts to your customers. There’s a whole range of different post types for you and your business to explore, apart from the bog-standard photo and video share.

The trick with Social Media is to keep on point, be relevant, give value and most important – be unique. Promote your unique selling points and stand out from the crowd. 

As social media specialists, Twisted Spire can help your businesses reach your digital marketing objectives.


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