Social Media Management

Regardless of whether your business is small or large, online or offline – social media management provides a great opportunity and advantage for every business.

Achieving Social Media Goals

Those who fail at social have no clear defined goals.

Defining and finalising your social media goals, aligning them with your company goals is very difficult. Would you like to know why? 

The answer is because there is no “right” answer to what your social media objectives need to be. 

Take a handful of the top-ranking businesses who are absolutely killing it with their social media and I’ll guarantee each one has a different viewpoint on what their top priorities are.

Maintaining your social media presence and getting it “right” is time-consuming and very easy to get wrong. 

Here at Twisted Spire, we eat, sleep and breath social media, keeping up with the ever-changing rules and trends. 

So whether you need assistance with simply setting up your own social media pages correctly, one to one training on how to use social correctly or a full outsource of your social media activities, contact us today and we will be happy to assist. 


Setting-up Social Media Accounts for You and Your Business

Social media is an integral part of today’s marketing landscape, with so many platforms to choose from, each with its unique options and choices, it can be a daunting task to professionally set up your business social media account.
Twisted Spire will remove the burden of setting up your business pages for you on ANY social network; Google My Business, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or any of the other 50+ platforms available today.

Do you want to ensure that your page is set up professionally and optimised correctly, make the most out of the options available to you to generate customer interest, increase sales and conversions?


Social Media Training: Simply being social or Actually doing social?

Being present on social media is a lot different from knowing how to do social media to maximise your return on the time, effort and cost invested.

Our social media training is tailored around you and achieving your business goals.

One to One Training

£ 59
per hour
  • Social Media for Business - Company Pages
  • Maximise the benefits of being social
  • Social Media Advertising
  • How to monitor key metrics
social media marketing on devices

Managing Your Social Media

Maintaining and engaging with your customers on social media can be extremely time-consuming. With social trends changing almost daily, it is challenging to keep up with the latest how-to.

High achieving, omnipresent businesses maintain an active social media presence through the creation of an in-house social media manager position or outsourcing to a freelance social media manager.

Social Media Management will develop and implement your social media strategy to drive organic engagement, build lead generation, boost website traffic and social followers through engaging content, posts and research.

Our tailor-made plans are suitable for any budget, large or small.