When it comes to social media, I like to stick with the phrase “Keep it simple stupid”

Too many snake-oil salesmen are trying to sell you a hard fast, sure-fire, one hat fits all approach to finding ‘The Perfect Social Media Post’. These successes, based on what time you post, the length of the post, image optimization, frequency etc. otherwise everyone would be doing the same thing at the same time.


There is some vague truth to the above, but what truly matters is the bones and meat of your core content, how engaging it is with your target market and ultimately, what works best for YOU.


You should develop a living social media strategy which guides you along when deciding what and when to post content, based on expert advice, guides, tips, and plenty of trial and error which will develop you a comprehensive optimal plan. Why? Because no two businesses are the same.


Everyone has to start somewhere, which is why Twisted Media has developed you this infographic which you can download as a handy reminder of the optimal social media posting lengths and help boost your engagement online.


Click here for more information and assistance with developing your social media strategy.

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