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The Ultimate Guide To Website Redesign 2022 To Increase Website ROI


Welcome to The Ultimate Guide To Website Redesign 2022. We will show you the ideal process step by step to redesigning your site, helping you to reduce your risk, save time and save money and ensure that you get the webpage ROI that you require.

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Since you started your business, how many of the following three options can you tick off?

  1. You have rebranded your business
  2. Your ideal customer profile has changed
  3. You are no longer getting the results you expected from your webpage ROI

Any of the above may be a good idea to consider redesigning and refreshing your website.

But before you log into your website account, stop and ensure that you follow this ultimate guide to website redesign 2022.

Conduct a SWOT analysis

Step one of The Ultimate Guide To Website Redesign 2022 is to ensure that you fully understand what went wrong in the first place. To do this you need to conduct a deep dive audit of the current site, you can get a full review of your sites technical build here.

Conducting a SWOT analysis to discover what’s working, and ultimately what isn’t working. The last thing you want to do is launch a new website only to find that you have inherited the mistakes and weaknesses which drove you to redesign in the first place. 

Use the SWOT analysis template below to help you with this stage.

Understand your budget

Step two of The Ultimate Guide To Website Redesign 2022 is having a thorough comprehension of the budget you have to invest in your redesign. Are you doing all the work yourself? There’s still a budget impact to consider. 

When it comes to their webpage ROI, many business owners overlook spending money on their websites, forgetting that the website is the businesses number one marketing asset, the first place 87% of people look before doing business with you.

Not investing in your website can mean all the difference when it comes to customers choosing your competitors over you.

When it comes to the common question “How much will a redesign cost?” you simply can not pluck a figure out of the air due to the many different variables involved. 

To help you estimate how much a website will cost, you can download and use Twisted Spires Website Costings Templat2

Define Objectives and ideal website ROI

Step three of The Ultimate Guide To Website Redesign 2022 is defining your goals and objectives – what do you want the site to achieve? Using the SWOT analysis from step one, you should have a clear understanding of what improvements are needed. Do you want to generate more leads, increase online sales, a greater webpage ROI or simply get higher in the SERPs than your rivals?

webpage roi

Whatever your goals and objectives are, ensure that they are measurable and quantifiable. Use the SMART checklist below to set and measure achievable goals to ensure that you get a positive return on your investment.

Get Inspired

Step four of The Ultimate Guide To Website Redesign 2022 is all about researching, gaining inspiration from other sites, but also finding out what works for some and what does not work for others. Don’t make the same mistake as others.

Always check your competitors’ pages, making sure that you stand out above the rest.

One thing you must ensure is that your design accurately reflects your business and your brand ethics. For example, Apple’s webpage is big, brash and flash which represents their products, yet you wouldn’t expect the same style for an accountant’s webpage which tends to be low key and simply straightforward.


Step six of The Ultimate Guide To Website Redesign is to conduct a final round of feedback on your site development, conducting benchmark testing and getting client feedback to help identify elements which require further tweaking, changing the design accordingly.

Ensure that the page is responsive, working on many different devices of various screen sizes and check that all links and buttons go to the place they are supposed to go to, correcting any 404 errors.

Optimise for SEO

Step seven of The Ultimate Guide To Website Redesign 2022 is to ensure that your site has a fighting chance to rank highly by optimising the site fully for SEO, that content is written with well throughout keywords and phrases, images named and optimised correctly, once live, run a technical audit to find any errors on the site and ensure that the page load time is as quick as possible by running a Google Lighthouse audit. 

Ensuring your website is optimised for SEO correctly is absolutely vital, and unless you know what you are doing, it is worth speaking to an SEO expert who can undertake the work on your behalf.


The final step of The Ultimate Guide To Website Redesign 2022 is to launch the site. Do not rush to launch the site before all steps above have been completed and ensure that the website is secure to protect yourself and your visitors from malicious activities. There is nothing more embarrassing and detrimental than launching a website that has existing errors. 

When launching your new site, share the news on your social channels, through email drops to your existing clients and potential new clients.

Conclusion for the ultimate guide to website redesign 2022

Now that your new site is launched, do not forget about it. Regular monitoring of the site is required to ensure that your goals are being met and adjusting the site as required to achieve those goals and ensure you get a positive webpage ROI. A website is a living marketing tool, which needs regular updates and new fresh content in order to keep it relevant. 

Your site is optimised for SEO for the moment it is launched, but unless it is regularly checked and frequently re-optimised, your SEO rankings will start depreciating which is why SEO is a continuous process.


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For a limited time only, get a free no-obligation website design consultation