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Ultimate How To Boost Your Local Google Website Ranking in 2022

Are you struggling to get the business seen and needing to boost your local google website ranking in 2022?

Three of my current customers were struggling to get any business enquiries from their Google listings even though they had known, or at least thought they knew what SEO was and had set up a Google My Business Page and linked it to their website.

Does this sound familiar to you? Don’t worry too much if you can relate, and here’s why!

This article is all about how you can increase ranking your website in Google easily and effortlessly in no time at all, guiding you step by step – and if there’s any questions, pop them into the comment box below.

This last week alone, I have had three potential customers approach me and ask the same question topic “Ranking your website in Google” and “How do we boost your local google website ranking in 2022″ . All have been relatively successful business people within their particular field in the Derbyshire region. One I was surprised to discover had four other businesses located on the same road. Where he found the time to run all of these businesses, I have no idea.

Although being relatively successful in different fields, one thing links them all together, they are all hungry for more customers but struggling to understand why their website wasn’t ranking anywhere like their rivals? 

Ranking your website in Google

For example, let’s take Dave (not his real name). Dave has an engineering merchants business located in Alfreton. He’s been established for almost 26 years and has had a website for the last six years. His closest competitor is a family run business over in Clay Cross.  They both have a website that boasts the same or similar services; the locality is relatively near, so why is one getting more business than they can handle through their website whilst the other is struggling to get any enquiries? 

Getting a business ranked high isn’t some form of magical voodoo or witchcraft, the good news is that it’s relatively straightforward and common sense. However, the bad news is it’s time-consuming and isn’t a quick instant fix – no matter what Rani Tawer may tell you.

When it comes to getting a site to become a competent and competitive authority in the local google website ranking’s, then you must be prepared to wait some weeks and months to see an organic rise. So, if you have the patience, the knowledge and willingness to ‘crack on with it’, then follow these five simple steps and boost your local google website ranking in 2022.

boost your local google website ranking in 2022

1. Register on local directories

The number one local directory everyone should be listed on – Google My Business, if you haven’t got a Google business page yet, go and do it now – It is free and allows you to engage with customers for free and puts your business on the map – the Google Local Finder Map – This is different to Google Maps as it returns business listings within a small geographic area. Ranking No1 in Local Finder Map is much more profitable than ranking No1 in Google SERPS.

Next, repeat the same process with as many of the available local directories as you can. Download this handy list of local directories you can register for free – (also includes the direct links) and watch your Google website ranking increase steadily.

50 free local directories

Register for free and boost your Local SEO

2. Have a NAP to Boost Your Local Google Website Ranking

No, I don’t mean curl up in a ball for 50 winks. In the world of Local Google Search Rankings NAP stands for “Name, Address &  Phone Number” and was deemed an imperative element for local SEO and ranking your website in google during 2021. For each of the local directories above, ensuring that your business details are consistent is key to reaffirming your accurate contact engine to both search engines and your customers.

Use this handy spreadsheet to ensure that all of the listings are consistent throughout and see how this impacts ranking your website in google.

The top three negative Google website ranking factors are:

  1. Incorrect business category (Choose your main service which you provide)
  2. Incorrect business address (some people list a fake address so that they pop up in a central market area – fools)
  3. Inconsistent NAP information of directories, including telephone numbers, opening times, postcodes etc)

Remember, note which directories you have used (used the above download), should you change your business address, telephone number or opening times etc, it will make life easier as you will need to update all of the citations.

Bright Local offer a great citation service which will find out where your business is listed, highlight any errors and allow you correct and list new citations – each pinging back to your website. 

boost your local google website ranking in 2022

3. Optimise for Local SEO and Google Website Ranking

Okay, you’ve done a great job at optimising your website for SEO but did you optimise for local SEO?, you may have even paid someone to do your SEO work, odds are they did a great job optimising for general SEO but wouldn’t have looked much into the Local SEO unless specifically instructed to. There’s no shame or blame in this, it is a difficult task and time consuming and getting it wrong can literally break your website. 

Local SEO is exactly what it says “LOCAL” SEO. If you have a sandwich shop in New Whittington and 90% of foot traffic come from the industrial park in New Whittington, then make sure your website screams NEW WHITTINGTON! There’s no point in advertising your wares all over Chesterfield and Derbyshire if less than 10% of your revenue comes from there. 

If your business has multiple locations, say a regional network of businesses located in Chesterfield, Matlock, Doncaster and Rotherham, ensure that you have a page for each of these locations to help boost your local Google website ranking in 2022 in those areas

As an example, Twisted Spire advertises in Chesterfield but we also advertise in Sheffield and Rotherham. For these Ad campaigns my landing page is similar to my main website home page, but rather than saying “The Best in Chesterfield” it says “T’Best in Sheffield”

Local Citations

Find out more about citations and download your NAP's Template

4. Customer Reviews

Encourage customers to leave a positive review after their visit. There are numerous ways this can be done. You could ask them as you hand over the receipt and change (hardly ever works), you could follow up with an email. With Trust Pilot, you can add a special email address to the BCC in your follow up email. If the customer doesn’t leave a review, they automatically get a reminder. Customers can even go directly to Google and leave you a review on GMB which is great in itself for ranking your website in google

One thing you want to avoid is a negative review. The system I employ works well, I send a simple short survey to my customers for feedback, if the end result is above a certain threshold then they get directed to either Google or TrustPilot to leave me a positive review. If the score doesn’t achieve the threshold, it allows me to contact the customer and find out why things didn’t work out and what I can do to make amends. All part of the A1 service.

Finally, optimising for local SEO and ranking your website in Google is a tedious task and you can spend hours after hours trying to get it right, but, it can have a massive substantial impact on increasing and helping to boost your local google website ranking in 2022

Now that you know ranking your website in Google is important, give it a go, focus on website content, focus on local keywords and focus on detail. If you can provide the information which your customers are searching for, then this will help your customers find you.  

If you liked this blog and would like to hear more about ranking your website in Google and master your website SEO, receive website design and maintenance advice to keep your site at the top of the competitive game, then subscribe to my email newsletter and be the first to hear about any new blogs and boost your local google website ranking in 2022


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