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Only 16% of users read a websites text word-for-word


Average life span of a website


Average number of seconds a website visitor takes to make an opinion


67% of people browse the internet on smartphones

Are you looking for something a little different? Something for your employees or customers to use? At Twisted Spire, making your functional website into a mobile web app is a breeze. 

Follow the global trend and transform your WordPress website or e-commerce site into a revolutionary mobile web app built with the best technologies for use and integration with smartphones using Android or iOS.


What’s the advantage of using a web app?

Web-based applications (web apps) provide a whole range of business advantages, accessible from any device connected to the internet, across most devices and every browser regardless of the update or version being used. 

Web apps use Software as a Service (Saas), where apps run on a virtual cloud-based environment and so are lightweight, they won’t take up all of your device’s memory.

Web Apps are also excellent for e-learning, online courses, e-commerce, coaching of all types and much much more, accessible on the go, where ever you are. 

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