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WordPress design and development

Why Use WordPress?

WordPress is the worlds most popular website platform with over 75 million websites and accounts for over 36% of all sites on the web, which is why we at Twisted Spire have focused our website design and development purely on WordPress.

WordPress Website Design

Your website is an open advertisement for the world to showcase your business and your brand.
Our websites, built with you in mind and with an understanding on how your customers will interact with your site, providing you with an edge when it comes to guiding them effortlessly to where you want them to go and encourage them to take the desired action.
So whatever your goals, a well structured and designed WordPress website from Twisted Spire can help you achieve.

PPC with Google Ads wealth growth

Increase Sales and Leads

Incorporate your sales funnel into your website and enable your website visitors to complete your website goals.

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Google Loves WordPress

WordPress is the most SEO friendly website platform available on the market. Our websites structures are built to Schema standards and take into account usability and the overall user experience, which helps your site to rank higher within Google.​

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Security as standard - not an option

Website Security

Website security is Twisted Spires strong point, and every customer receives as standard a free SSL certificate making their website HTTPS secured and protected with WordFence, the most comprehensive security option available.

Total Attacks Blocked In Last 30 Days
Malicious IPs Blacklisted In Last 30 days
Endpoint Firewall 100%
Web Application Firewall 100%
Security Scanner 100%
Two-Factor Authentication 100%
Password Protection 100%
Monitor Live Traffic 100%
Advanced Manual Blocking 100%
Country Blocking 100%
IP Whitelist / Blacklist 100%

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Social Media​​

Our services range from professional set up of your social media accounts to creating a full social media strategy plan and management of your social media accounts. Click below to discover what Twisted Spire can do for you.​

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Developing and implementing a bespoke Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy, Twisted Spire can grow your website’s traffic, increase sales & leads, and improve your user’s online experience.

PPC with Google Ads wealth growth


Pay per click (PPC) allows you to target specific keywords and audiences with highly relevant ads. Twisted Spire's certified Google AdWords account managers will ensure that your PPC account is safe and in trusted, professional hands.

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Without question, my best social media product is the printed copy of my own Social Media Plan. Without it, I would have no clear strategy or goals for what I wanted to achieve and no clear guidance on how I was going to make it.

“Don’t just do Social Media; learn how to do Social Media.”

Read our blog on ‘Choosing the right social network for your business.’

The simple answer, No. 

Each social media network has its use and own persona, selected for its ability to help you achieve your desired social media goals. Whether it be exposure, building loyalty or increasing website traffic, choosing the right Social Media network is crucial to your success.

Read my blog on ‘Choosing the right Social Media Network for your business.’

Certainly. The bedrock of SEO is to fulfil three goals;
Attract, Engage and Convert.
Good content is fundamental to achieving all three touchpoints.

Be very cautious of anyone offering you ‘FAST’ SEO service. 

At Twisted Spire we pride ourselves on our ethical standards, as such we do NOT engage in any ‘Black Hat’ SEO services which can drive results fast but can also destroy your website and brand reputation. 

A good quality SEO campaign takes time to implement and monitor.

Yes. By full service, we assume you mean a complete Digital Marketing Service.
Digital marketing interlinks the SEO, PPC and Social Media aspects of a digital campaign and is a service we provide.
Twisted Spire Digital Media – Your One-Stop Agency.

Like most DIY projects, it looks so simple to do, until you actually start. 

Cheap online do-it-yourself website as advertised by some of the big brand companies offer you the cheap option because they know that either A) You will give up and pay them to finish it, or B) It will be so badly built and not converting customers that you will eventually pay them to rebuild it. 

There is always someone out there offering you the same work for cheaper, until you need it doing properly, 

If you are still considering building your own website, then I have some useful advice for you on my blog page, such as “Five Things Your Home Page Needs“. Good luck with your self build and please note down my contact details for when you need it rebuilding. 

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