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Why You Should Update Your Website

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First impressions count as there are no second chances to make a first impression.

Why should you update your website? Well, that my friend, is the million-dollar question, why shouldn’t you update your website?

Unless your website is drawing in at least 100 new visitors per day on, per page then it’s probably time to update it. How many pages does your website have? Mine has 11 front end pages, not including the many blogs I’ve written – the day that I get 1,100 new visitors each day I’ll be happy. It’s not an impossible target to reach, but it certainly won’t happen overnight. To make that happen I estimate it will take 6-12 months provided that I constantly update the website, adding new content which provides value to you, my readers.

But thats just me!

What is the first impression that customers are likely to have of your business website and how will you draw in new visitors? Are you providing value?

With the popularity of smartphones, virtually everyone has mobile access to the web at their fingertips and is able to do some sort of background research and comparison on a business, its products and services offered prior to deciding to make a purchase with you – or somewhere else!

Look inwardly for a moment – when deciding to make a non-regular purchase, maybe a gift or a relatively expensive product, from either a physical store or online – what is your own buying process? Do you just go to the first store that comes to mind and buy on the fly or do you do some online research first?

The majority of people search firstly on cost and locality of the item in question and make comparisons with other retailers, but before purchasing they will normally check who they are purchasing from which will include your website and checking out any links to social media, available online reviews and testimonials and various other resources in order to build up a sense of trust before parting with any money, which is why you should update your website, it makes a positive first impression.

update your website

If you haven’t updated your website for some time, it’s possible that the website is now behind the times, not keeping up with the expected consumer trends and norms, incorrect or outdated information, visually clunky, slow loading or even totally unusable on modern devices such as tablets or smartphones. A good indication of website performance is a high or low bounce rate, the higher it is, the more you should seriously consider investing in your website in order to turn the tide.

It is estimated that 47% of users expect a website to load in 2 seconds or less.

But don’t panic, not just yet. Just because you have a high bounce rate doesn’t necessarily mean you need a brand-new website. The website itself may be perfectly fine but just need a bit of TLC from yourself. A spring clean so to speak with information updated, regular frequent blog articles, linking to social media channels – there are numerous ways we can take your poorly performing website and reinvigorate it just by making a few minor tweaks and adjustments.

Why You should update your website or rebuild it

How often do shops restock and change their window display? The answer is the same, frequently. My local supermarket is constantly moving things around which turns my nipping in for bread and eggs into a £40 shop as I’ll need this, and that and this and oops I forgot the bread and eggs.

Your website visitors (customers) want your products or services, and that’s a fact – they simply wouldn’t be visiting your site if they didn’t want anything.why you should update your website

So, consider why you should update your website or rebuild it on a regular basis to improve the website’s rankings with other websites selling similar products or services like yours. For example, let’s take your website and make an identical copy and launch both at the same time so that they both appear in the Google Search Engine Ranks on equal points.

With the identical copy, we will just park it, set it in the corner collecting dust with no updates whatsoever.  

With your website, however, we will provide regular updates to the content and a monthly blog post shared to social media.

Where do you think the two websites would be in the organic search rankings after six months? Certainly not on equal points anymore that’s for sure.

Your website which has received regular updates would be actively promoted by Google and pushed up the rankings whereas the website covered in dust and cobwebs would be somewhere at the bottom of the pile.

So, where do you think your website currently sits in the organic search rankings? Is there anything you can do to improve its position?

Regular website updates and a bit of TLC maintenance will keep both Google and your customers happy; I personally recommend updating your website in some form at least monthly as a bare minimum. Schedule a couple of hours every month in your diary. Dedicated to updating your website. 

On my own website, I aim to post a blog weekly (such as this one) which I share on social media which in turn drives traffic to my website, again improving the rankings, however, it isn’t an overnight cure – it takes time to move up in the ranks in a very competitive market but luckily there are other things such as SEO etc which can help you move up. These will be covered in later topics.

My Recommendations for why you should update your website

As the saying goes – Keep it simple stupid. When making website changes, perform small tweaks at a time, if you change a load of things all at once, how are you possibly going to know what’s worked and what hasn’t? Make a small change, sit back and observe the bounce rate.

If not doing so already, consider writing a monthly blog post – it doesn’t have to be as heavy as ‘War & Peace’, just something which your customers will be interested in, and insight into your business, something they could take away and put into practice themselves (such as this blog). Changes could be as simple as writing new product descriptions, the latest news about new products or services you are offering or adding new customer testimonials or reviews.

It doesn’t have to be anything major, simply something fresh which tells both your customers and Google that you have something fresh, relevant and valuable to share.

One word of advice, when writing content either about a product or within a blog, remember that what makes sense to you, doesn’t necessarily mean it makes sense to your customer. Always write from your customers perspective. What questions are they asking and how are you going to get the answer across to them?

why you should update your website

When Should I Look at Getting A New Website?

This is the million-pound question –firstly; do you need a new website? And secondly; why?

If your business has significantly changed, possibly the business model itself, the company’s image and branding, significant changes to products and services now offered or more additional functionality is required then yes, defiantly go for a new website and sooner rather than later.

However, if there has been little to no change, then I would recommend having a new website every 3-4 years, simply due to changes in technology, better performance and modifications to the search engine algorithms which your current site simply wasn’t built for.

Investing time and money into your website is crucial, as I mentioned right at the beginning, there is no second chance to make a first impression.


If you would like more information about updating your website or advice on building a new website altogether, contact Twisted Spire.

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